This adoptee's lifelong work on behalf of fellow adoptees has secured her a well-deserved reputation across Australia. I was privileged to help her identify her genetic father's family and, so, meet her half-brother.

I am delighted to express my admiration and recommendation of Russ Lipton, and for the services which he provides.

We met through a distant DNA cousin of mine, who recommended Russ to me as a person who could help me to identify and locate my paternal family. This was a matter of profound importance to me and one which I had been pursuing for most of my adult life.

Russ devoted himself to helping me in my quest and spent countless hours researching, advising and supporting me over many year until not long ago. Miraculously, I was fortunate enough to achieve an unexpectedly rewarding outcome. I am deeply grateful to Russ for his indispensable help in filling these gaps in my life story, which would otherwise have remained unanswered.

Russ has a great deal of expertise and experience as a genealogist, both in relation to the use of genetics as well as the more traditional records. He is clever, determined and untiring. He is completely trustworthy and a man of great sensitivity. Russ approached many of my remote DNA relatives for their assistance; he showed great sensitivity and integrity in areas of family history that were sometimes challenging. On no occasion has his research on my behalf caused embarrassment or discomfort to others. Russ is a pleasure to work with and is great fun, as well as wise.

I am delighted to recommend Russ. In my experience, you could not be in better hands.

Pauline L.

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