My then-unknown adoptee was honored by a flag flown over the California legislature when she retired, but that is another story!

It is hard to put a price on finding one’s biological family, however, as an adoptee, I know it is priceless. In 2014, Russ Lipton found me (a biological cousin) via after my husband purchased an Ancestry packet for my birthday. Russ turned out to be a biological cousin and I couldn’t have been luckier. My life was changed and transformed to a wholeness that is something that cannot be described in words. Even as I believe my parents who adopted me were “mine,” the curiosity never waned. Russ opened up a whole new family for me and I have a sister that I absolutely love today.

His amazing investigative and genealogical expertise is unsurpassed by anyone. He is passionate and tenacious, but Russ also has an uncanny understanding how emotional the experience can be for an adoptee. His ethics and honesty are unquestionable.

I hope this letter finds you more comfortable in working with Russ. I truly have had a wonderful time uncovering my past and believe Russ was completely instrumental in my success.

Additionally, if you are unsure whether to offer your DNA to assist another, let me say with confidence, you will be helping someone tremendously.

Marti H.

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